Decks and Patio Construction in Ruidoso

Decks and patios are not just beautiful additions to any home, but they add resale value and have a high return on investment! Both provide a great location for entertaining friends and family when the weather gets nice and won’t break the bank when it comes to upkeep.

At Billy Roach Renovations LLC we love our own decks and patios and enjoy helping our Ruidoso clients keep theirs that have fallen into disrepair.

Whether you purchased your home with a patio or decking, or had your own custom built, we’re here to encourage upkeep and repair so you can continue to enjoy these great spaces for parties or relaxation!

Repair Any Deck or Patio Problem

We pride ourselves in being able to fix any deck or patio problem we come across. Decks and patios are exposed to the Ruidoso weather all year around, so it’s easy for damage to accumulate, but our home improvement pros can apply skill and knowledge to make your deck or patio better than ever!

Patios can be made of a variety of materials and because of this have a variety of fixes.


Concrete is one of the most beautiful and rugged building materials. However, it can become unattractive fast. Keep an eye out for little holes forming on the surface of your patio. They’re not structural, but they are unsightly. Concrete that isn’t properly surfaced can also chip more easily and leave dust on everything they touch. Our team will patch level and resurface until it looks like new! To build a concrete patio, it’s necessary to install a proper foundation. If the foundation shifts, cracks, or sinks, you need to get it repaired straight away. Although the foundation is buried in the ground, there are some above-ground signs to watch out for:

  • • Your patio is tilting and no longer level
  • • Grass and weeds have started growing in the cracks
  • • Unusual cracks have formed in the surface
  • • Large concrete chips are coming off
  • • Gaps are forming between concrete slabs


Flagstones are a beautiful way to build a patio in your backyard. They’re easy to customize to fit your needs. Many Ruidoso clients even build flagstone patios themselves. These DIY projects can be a great learning experience, but they can also go wrong. On badly laid flagstone patios, some of the stones will shift, sink, or even crack. That’s why we always suggest that you leave your patio project for the pros!

If you’re seeing shifting of flagstones, and even weeds popping up between stones it’s time for a fix. We’ll re-mortar so your patio is solid once again.


Like flagstones, pavers are easy enough for the layman to install. Their natural look and rugged shape strike a balance between form and function. Because they’re usually square or rectangle slabs, pavers appear to be the perfect DIY project. Once again, this is where you’ll run into problems. Levelling the space for your patio is a lot more tricky than it looks.

Although they appear to be the the perfect patio material, but unfortunately pavers can shift and sink. We can level them out, or if there’s damage, replace them with matching stone.


Brick patios can crack over time because they are made with a porous material. When bricks absorb moisture, they can crack in strange ways. Thankfully it’s easy to find exact replacements for bricks in Ruidoso. If you have one or more cracked bricks in your patio, the Billy Roach Renovations LLC team will pry them out and replace them in no time.


Pea gravel is a great material due to its low cost, drainage and natural look. They are easy to maintain and require raking. Pea gravel is a great material due to its low cost, drainage and natural look. Plus, they are easy to maintain! When your gravel gets all pushed around into little piles, all you need to do is grab a rake and even it out. The one tricky thing about gravel is with rainwater drainage. Erosion poses the biggest threat to your gravel patio. Make sure that the water from your gutters drains away from your patio.

If your gravel patio is suffering from erosion, or if your gravel is looking thin, give us a call to fill it in.


Decks are great places to spend a summer afternoon. However, a damaged deck can become dangerous quickly. The wooden slats can crack or rot, leading to potential holes that can be very dangerous. If your deck has wooden beams and these beams end up rotting, you can face some serious structural damage.

To avoid injury to yourself or guests, let us fix issues the moment they appear. Our deck construction experts can replace parts of your deck without disrupting the whole thing. Don’t worry about missing a summer day. Give us call and we’ll have it all fixed up in no time.


Not only can you get splinters from planks, but they can crack or rot. Especially in the case of rot, if you suspect it, let us come and take a look. We start every project with a detailed inspection. This allows us to identify any problems with your deck. Rot can work undercover, and you won’t know what it’s done until you accidentally put a foot through a board.

As in all things, you’ll be at fault if someone gets injured on your property. Rotten planks, loose planks, and exposed nails are the most common damages on Ruidoso decks.


Handrails can suffer the same damage as planks. If they become pliant or rot, the next time they’re leaned on they could crack off.

Support posts

Support posts protect the perimeter of your deck. Don’t let them weaken or you’ll have even bigger issues on your hands.

Deck and Patio Experts

Billy Roach Renovations LLC is proud to consider ourselves Ruidoso deck and patio experts.

Our team has years of experience on the job, and a real passion for the work we do. Decks and patios are a great addition to any yard, so it’s sad to see them fall into disrepair.

Call us today to fix your deck or patio, and enjoy your summer!