Home Additions in Alamogordo

Are you considering extending or adding to your home in the Alamogordo area? The company to call is Billy Roach Renovations LLC.

For many years, our residential contracting professionals have been dedicated to constructing the highest quality home additions. We design and install home additions that add tremendous beauty, presence, and durability to your home.

We use only the highest quality materials and equipment in our home addition construction. We bring your imagination and creativity to life!

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Customize Your Space with Home Additions

When you truly love your home, it can be easy to overlook disadvantages such as insufficient space or outdated finishes. However, there reaches a point when your home simply can no longer accommodate the needs of you and your family.

Instead of moving, why not consider adding a home addition?

A home addition offers numerous advantages to any homeowner. It allows you to truly customize your space, adding room for what you need most. Whether that means an extended kitchen, living room, in-law suite, garage, or simply an all-purpose rec space, you’ll have full control over the spaces you choose to add.

Add Value to Your Property with Home Extensions

A home extension or addition is also a fantastic investment. By increasing and modernizing your available square footage, you add significant resale to your property when it’s time to sell.

Home Addition Solutions For Added Space

We create home additions that are architecturally designed to complement your home’s existing style. We work closely alongside each client throughout the process, ensuring a design and construction that perfectly suits your needs and desires.

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Our Contractors Are Diligent Through Every Stage of Your Home Addition

From the initial design sketches to the final installation of materials, our home addition process is streamlined and logical.

We begin by assessing your existing home, determining the building’s age, condition, and other considerations. We evaluate whether foundational or structural work will be required in your home addition.

We will then proceed with your home addition installation. Framing, plumbing, wiring, roofing, and cabinetry installation will all be completed in a logical order. You will be able to choose from a huge variety of top-quality features and finishes, ensuring a truly personalized addition.

Trusted Contractors for Reputable Home Additions

We are committed to working safely and neatly in your home and minimize disruptions to life as usual. If you are required to vacate your home during the construction process, we ensure that it isn’t for long.

In no time, your breathtaking home addition will be complete and ready for years of enjoyable use.

If you have any questions about our home addition services, contact Billy Roach Renovations LLC today. We’d be glad to provide you with a free estimate!

Create Your Dream Home with Billy Roach Renovations LLC

Whatever your needs, you can be certain of Billy Roach Renovations LLC’s outstanding workmanship and commitment to excellence.

Our home additions will extend, customize, and beautify your Alamogordo home. Our home additions are the solution to a ‘brand-new’ feel. Enjoy the practicality and beauty of your new build.

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Home Additions in Alamogordo

Not only is a home addition a practical choice if you need more space without moving and want to raise your home’s value, but it’s an exciting opportunity to create something that’s all yours. At Billy Roach Renovations LLC we pride ourselves in being able to seamlessly blend any addition to your already existing Alamogordo home. So, whether you want to extend your kitchen, build a conservatory or build an extra bedroom for your expanding family, your home will still have lots of curb appeal.

The diligent team at Billy Roach Renovations LLC has spent years perfecting their trade so each unique project they come across can be carried out flawlessly.

Whether you’re just starting to think about adding an addition to your house or you’ve got a fully formed idea, give us a call to discuss it.

Family Room Additions

Building an addition on your family room is one of the most common home additions people construct. You can either go for an extension with solid walls, or consider a sunroom, letting in more light and giving you a space for plants, meditation, and/or a breakfast nook. No matter what the direction you go in, family room additions are great value for your investment.

You’ll have more space to spread out and enjoy your home, and can entertain friends and family with ease!

At Billy Roach Renovations LLC we offer full-service workmanship to get you through your family room addition from start to finish.

Second Story Additions

When you add on to a home, you either build out or up. In the case of a second story addition, that’s where up comes into play. Room additions are great, but what about when you require multiple rooms? Maybe you bought a bungalow for yourself when you were younger, but now have a family, or even just got a raise, and have decided the extra space is necessary.

Don’t go through the hassle of selling, buying a new home and moving—just add on to your existing home!

Adding on a second story will not damage the rest of your home. We have created many two-story homes in Alamogordo and you’d have no idea they started out as bungalows! We demolish carefully with all structural considerations in mind and then start the build process.

In the end, you’ll have an enviable two-story home and all the breathing space that comes with it!

Wherever Your Imagination Takes You

In the end, the only limitation to building a home addition is your imagination—ok and maybe your budget, but at Billy Roach Renovations LLC we can come up with the best solutions to stay within it and still get awesome results.

Rear house additions, side house, front, second story, in-law suites or even the construction of a room above your garage!

We’ve done it all in Alamogordo and your home can be next on our list.

When you call Billy Roach Renovations LLC, you’ll be greeted with exuberant team members who have all the knowledge to help you out, advise, and follow through on building your very own home additions!